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The Artians


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At our e-shop, we proudly offer the exclusive collection of The Artians, available for worldwide delivery through UPS. Greek interior architect and fashion designer Konstantina Kampisopoulou is the creative force behind The Artians. Inspired by the arts, the brand name 'The Artians' has been showcasing collections of standout pieces for over 4 years, designed to make a bold statement. Our clothing is crafted with rare attention to detail, brimming with artisanal intricacy, and made of fine fabrics featuring exclusive prints designed by our team. These prints are uniquely tailored around the garment, and the garment is crafted around the print, creating a harmonious blend of design and fabric. The signature style of Konstantina is evident in our exclusively printed, luxurious clothing, which carries a distinct visual language. This approach aims to make each piece desirable and flattering, offering something innovative that women will cherish for its intelligent design aesthetics and functionality.

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