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Greek Designers

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Discover the exquisite creations of Greek designers at 2 the little store in Samos. Our curated collection showcases the finest talents of Greek fashion, offering a diverse range of luxury resort wear, handcrafted shoes, stylish clutches, and accessories. Explore the timeless elegance of Amaryllis Luxury resort collection, the artistry of Anesis shoes Handcrafted, the captivating designs of Argalios Clutches, and the urban chic of Bleecker & Love. Delight in the bohemian charm of Devotion Twins, the versatile and trendy fashion of Devotion Home & Accessories, and the adorable Devotion Stars-Kids and Devotion Twins-Ella dresses. Embrace the coastal charm of Etoile Coral, the artistic flair of Flora Sardalos, and the cozy elegance of Fouta. Experience the playful creations of Funny Granny handmade, the contemporary sophistication of Ioanna Kourbela, and the beach-inspired Love For Waves. Unveil the allure of Monaco and the unique designs of Moutaki. Complete your style with the minimalist elegance of Nothing Shop. Discover Greek designers and embrace their passion for fashion, quality, and craftsmanship at 2 the little store in Samos.
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