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023.308G- Dress ApatitisBLUE PINK (1)
023.308G- Dress Apatitis-2)

Devotion Twins Blue Dress Apatitis

sku: 023.308G BLUE/PINK BP R331

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Being a part of Devotion Twins' limited edition SS23 collection, the Goven dress is a rare find and may incorporate exclusive design elements and details that set it apart from their regular line. Color Palette: The color palette of the dress may include earthy tones, classic whites, or Mediterranean-inspired hues, reflecting the brand's aesthetic and the essence of Greek culture.

The Goven dress from Devotion Twins'SS23 collection is a unique and limited edition piece that stands out for its distinctive design inspired by traditional Greek culture and craftsmanship.

Fabric: The dress is crafted from a special fabric created on a loom, which adds a touch of authenticity and artisanal quality to the garment. This fabric may feature a unique texture and pattern due to the traditional weaving process.

Striped Pattern: The Goven dress prominently features stripes, reminiscent of the traditional koureloo, a classic Greek textile known for its striped patterns. These stripes add a cultural and historical element to the dress, paying homage to Greece's rich heritage.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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