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Devotion Twins dress Chalkos

sku: 023.339G

Original price was: 220.00 €.Current price is: 110.00 €.

Original price was: 220.00 €.Current price is: 110.00 €.

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The color option available for the Devotion Twins dress is a refreshing and versatile shade of raf blue. This shade exudes a sense of tranquility and coolness, perfectly complementing the summer vibe. Whether you're heading to the beach, a garden party, or a weekend brunch, the raf blue color adds a touch of charm and freshness to your overall look.

The Devotion Twins dress is a delightful and comfortable summer outfit, designed with a focus on lightness and breathability. Crafted from high-quality cotton, it is the perfect choice to beat the heat and stay stylish during the sweltering summer months.
The dress features a classic and timeless design, characterized by its simplicity and elegance. Its silhouette is characterized by clean lines, offering a classy yet understated look that suits a variety of occasions. The dress showcases a flattering V-neckline that adds a touch of sophistication to its overall design, making it suitable for both casual outings and

Original price was: 220.00 €.Current price is: 110.00 €.

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