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Devotion Twins Ella dress Neon pink ecru

sku: 319 3 G NEON PINK



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This particular edition of the Ella Dress is the short version, providing a playful and contemporary twist to the classic design. The neon pink and ecru color combination adds a vibrant and chic element to the dress, making it a standout choice for various occasions.Great news for fashion enthusiasts! The short edition of the Devotion Twins Ella Dress in neon pink ecru is now available again in our shop, and it comes with an irresistible super price. This presents an excellent opportunity for those who appreciate high-quality craftsmanship and unique fashion statements at an affordable cost.

the Devotion Twins Ella Dress in neon pink ecru color is a captivating and stylish garment crafted with meticulous care. This unique piece is made using traditional loom techniques, adding a touch of artisanal charm to its design. The fabric features an eye-catching zakar pattern, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the dress.


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