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Devotion Twins Jacket Hara

sku: 024.013g




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Devotion Twins Jacket Hara The light blue sleeveless denim jacket you're inquiring about is an excellent choice for a summer wardrobe, especially for those vacationing in the Greek islands or incorporating it into a chic city look. Its sleeveless design offers a cooler alternative to traditional jackets, making it perfect for the warm Mediterranean climate. On the Greek islands, you could wear it over a breezy, white linen dress or pair it with shorts and a tank top, embracing the casual, laid-back island style. The light blue color reflects the clear skies and the Aegean Sea, complementing the natural palette of the islands.

This jacket is quite distinctive with its light blue denim and sleeveless design. The structure is reminiscent of classic denim jackets with its spread collar, flap pockets at the chest, and button-up front, but the sleeveless cut gives it a modern, edgy twist. The visible stitching and the washed effect on the denim add texture and a lived-in feel. It's a versatile piece that could be styled in various ways, great for layering or wearing on its own in warmer weather


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