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Devotion Twins scarf Athina

sku: 024.2000sg




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Devotion Twins scarf Athina is adorned with a detailed fringe along the edges, which adds texture and enhances its boho-chic aesthetic. The arrangement of the scarf in the image showcases its design and the intricacy of the fringe, giving a sense of its drape and the potential for versatility in styling. This scarf could serve as a statement accessory for a variety of outfits, potentially complementing both casual and more sophisticated looks.

a scarf by Devotion Twins, a fashion brand known for its bohemian and modern Greek-inspired designs. This scarf features a rich pattern with a mix of abstract leaf-like shapes and geometric figures, presented in a warm color palette that includes orange, beige, taupe, and grey. Striped patterns run along the scarf, interrupted by the bold prints, creating a dynamic and rhythmic visual flow.


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