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Flora Sardalos Kythnos Dress Black and White eye

sku: KYTHNOS COL. 1 /23

Original price was: 1,350.00 €.Current price is: 945.00 €.

Original price was: 1,350.00 €.Current price is: 945.00 €.


Additional information



This  dress is part of Flora Sardalos's luxury resort collection, which implies a focus on creating clothing suitable for upscale vacation destinations. The design and choice of fabric reflect the idea of comfort and style for travelers seeking sophistication during their resort stay. In summary, Flora Sardalos's black dress with ruffle details and light white Greek eye patterns is a stunning piece that seamlessly blends Greek cultural influences with luxury resort fashion. Its choice of fabric, intricate details, and classic color make it a standout addition to any wardrobe, perfect for special occasions or upscale vacations.

Flora Sardalos has chosen high-quality cotton broderie fabric for this dress. Cotton broderie is known for its delicately textured surface and breathability, making it ideal for warm-weather destinations often associated with luxury resorts.

black fabric
white eyes

100% cotton

Original price was: 1,350.00 €.Current price is: 945.00 €.

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