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Flora Sardalos Long Dress Blue Dot


Original price was: 522.00 €.Current price is: 469.80 €.

Original price was: 522.00 €.Current price is: 469.80 €.

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Flora Sardalos Long Dress Blue Dot Material: cotton 100%

Flora Sardalou is a Greek - Cypriot woman who has gained recognition for her worship that touches on the unique characteristics of Greece and Cyprus, the gray-green Mediterranean leaflets, the blue of the sky and the seaside, the orange and the deep red of the sunset that created identity, history, culture and tradition.

Her passion for human, his anxieties, his conquests are a guide to her life. She has invested her soul and her love in fashion that has become passionate by discovering patterns and fabrics that complement and enhance female beauty. 2017 began her first collection of luxurious summer dresses in collaboration with a well-known shop in Mykonos.

Today Flora is the founder and co-owner of the new FLORA SARDALOS label based in Athens. Her inspiration draws on the Mediterranean landscape and especially the Greek islands, which worships and creates her collection based on 100% cotton, silk, linen and cashmere all made in the European Union and stitched in Greece ensuring a sense of simplicity but luxury too for her customers.

Flora Sardalos has achieved a beautiful and elegant collection every season that can be worn both day and night.

Original price was: 522.00 €.Current price is: 469.80 €.

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