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Philosophy Sandwashed Crop Top

sku: AW23-BL1900

Original price was: 75.00 €.Current price is: 60.00 €.

Original price was: 75.00 €.Current price is: 60.00 €.


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The product is stated to be made in Greece. Greece is known for its rich history and culture, and Greek fashion often draws inspiration from the country's heritage and Mediterranean lifestyle. Items made in Greece may carry a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship. While the specific design details of the Philosophy Sandwashed Crop Top may vary, crop tops typically have a shorter length that exposes the midriff. They can feature various necklines, sleeve lengths, and embellishments, depending on the designer's vision. Occasions: Crop tops like this one are popular choices for casual wear, especially during warmer seasons. They can be paired with high-waisted jeans, skirts, or shorts for a stylish and comfortable outfit. The green color can make it suitable for outdoor events, beach outings, or everyday wear.

The "Philosophy Sandwashed Crop Top" is a fashionable clothing item, specifically a crop top, that is characterized by its green color and is said to be made in Greece. Here's a detailed description of this product:

Original price was: 75.00 €.Current price is: 60.00 €.

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