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The Artians Niki Dress

sku: th0055


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Embrace the epitome of Grecian elegance with this luxurious silk dress, a masterpiece from the illustrious designer Konstantina Kampisopoulou, under the banner of The Artians. Each dress is a limited-edition gem, a testament to the brand's dedication to exclusivity and high-fashion craftsmanship. Crafted from the finest silk, this dress drapes beautifully over the body, offering a touch of opulence with every movement. The smooth fabric, renowned for its lustrous sheen and sumptuous feel, ensures a breathtaking presence

Step into a world where fashion meets art with this exquisite dress by Greek designer Konstantina Kampisopoulou from The Artians collection.The dress features a stunning display of leaf-like motifs in a harmonious color palette that exudes a serene yet bold aesthetic. The full-length design, complete with elegant buttons, provides a fluid silhouette that flatters and flows with every movement

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