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Omma Bags & Yiorgos Koulasidis A ResortWear Match Made In Heaven

How often can one say that 2 different brands can complement each other in complete harmony? Don’t get us wrong, we love mixing and matching different brands, styles, patterns, colors, and aesthetics together; that’s the epitome of personal style. However, as each brand has its own unique ‘statement’ characteristics, you can distinguish them and it’s up to you to make your style stand out with your personal touches which can be a tedious task especially during your sunny holiday break.

Keeping in mind that resort wear is essentially your vacation style, the essence of these outfits is two-fold: Be comfortable, and dress to impress with the least hassle possible - you want to be as carefree as possible, right? Therefore, you need a stylish match made in heaven and we have just the one for you! Our favorite brand combination this month is Omma Bags styled with dresses and kaftans by Yiorgos Koulasidis. Let’s elaborate, shall we?

Omma bags

Omma Bags is a Greek luxury brand specializing in unique hand-crafted leather bags. You’ll find that the designs look like architectural masterpieces combining soft lines, geometrical patterns, and intricate textures. Every stunning OMMA luxury bag is made of ethically sourced hand-dyed leather and is uniquely hand-made. The result? A stunning piece for your wardrobe collection that will surely make a fashion statement in your overall look!

Yiorgos koulasidis

Yiorgos Koulasidis, a Greek designer, took his inspiration of the Greek summer vibe and the Mediterranean sea and channeled it into premium resort wear collections. His signature print is the bougainvillea, the most beautiful flower you will see abundantly during your Greek summer holidays. Every piece of his collection, whether that’s a dress, a shirt or a kaftan, is crafted on the highest quality of cotton or linen combining exquisite embroidery and resulting in chic and aristocratic elegance.

Now just picture the endless combinations you could make with a feminine breezy dress and a geometrically structured bag: a heaven-made style match!

Try the colorful Bougainvillea Blow-Up Dress by Yiorgos Koulasidis with the minimal Anavasis Beige Black Shoulder Omma Bag for a stroll around the town, your morning errands or your coffee run.

Yiorgos Koulasidis Bougainvillea Blow-up Green

If you are looking for some evening glam go for the elegant oversized Bougainvillea Orange Dress by Yiorgos Koulasidis that suits every style and body type with the geometric masterpiece that is the Anadimiourgia Black Omma Bag

Discover the latest luxurious Omma Bags and essential resort wear by Yiorgos Koulasidis in 2theLittleStore and find your perfect resort wear combination made in heaven!

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